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Moser-Winther Genealogy Book

"I Am Reminded of a Story" By Emma Moser Winther

A biological sketch of the Moser/Winther and Ball families

This file is about 3.6mb

If you have a copyrighted or personal interest in removing this book from my site please contact me. It was writen by my great Aunt Emma (Moser) Winther and I did not think the family would mind it being more accessable.


This next file is a large book (over 5mb) and will take a while to download. I suggest you save the file if you want to read it later and not have to download it again. It is 926 pages, written in 1914 and edited by JUDGE WILLIAM F. BAILEY

The History of Eau Claire County, Wisconsin, Past and Present, with Biographical Sketches of early inhabitants.

Eau Claire is where our Grandmother, Mildred Clarinda Anderson was born.


Some Photos of Homer Holcomb and his brother, Elmer

Homer Holcomb with Slim Pickins in the background. Homer was sent to the hospital bu this bull.

Homer Holcomb with a pet Skunk

Elmer Holcomb bullfighting


The Firelands Pioneer 1809

The Firelands Pioneer 04

The Firelands Pioneer 12

The Firelands Pioneer 14

The Firelands Pioneer 16

The Firelands Pioneer 1866

The Firelands Pioneer

There are many more articles at the Firelands Historical Society's Archive Page


My goal is to put Biographical Sketches or town/state history items here. I do have some information from Smithland, Iowa history books, newspaper clippings from the Ogden and Stone Families and some old newspaper clippings written by Dr. J Van Valkenburg about the Vans from Germany.

Please be patient!